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Whether you want to work in our open space, at a dedicated desk or in a private office, The Muse Rooms Burbank offers all three and more. 

Choose to sit inside or outside, yep, we've got a large courtyard complete with a grill, fountain and swing. Or cozy up to our antique bar from the 1800's and admire California's rich history while listening to a vinyl record. 

Located near the 134, 5 and 101. The Muse Rooms Burbank blends a quiet area with tons of conversational space. 


Kevin W.

Love this working space. I don't even need it really, I can get all my work done at home. That being said, I am SO glad I joined! For those moments that I need to get out of the house and focus, the Muse Rooms are perfect! Reasonably priced and great perks! The coffee along is enough to make me get up and out of the house. The interior design is comfortable and inspires creative thought. The best part, the owners are great! They're a fun couple with motivating personalities. Definitely hit them up for a trial visit.

Michael R.

I have been a VERY happy TMR-NoHo member for about 7 months now. The owners have, as they always do, worked incredibly hard to offer an amazing co-working facility, now in Burbank. Their attention to detail, absorbing and understanding members' needs/desires, and phenomenal customer service are to me, second to none.