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Located in the heart of SOMA, Townsend location is a three-minute walk from Caltrain, and within a few blocks from AT&T Park. Originally an industrial neighborhood, Townsend, and the surrounding areas have grown to become the home to several major companies including, Airbnb, Tech Crunch, Zenga, AVG, Cisco, Sales Force (incubator), and more.


Michelle L.

Positive experience! Right by the Caltain station so a good option if your team is spread across SF, Peninsula, and South Bay. Management was always incredibly helpful and generous. Pros: there is no shortage of meeting rooms and phone rooms to book. This is so rare at coworking spaces. Extra supplies when you need a stapler. Noise level minimal. Can't forget about the larger than life awesome water dispenser - stay hydrated.

Deyan V.

I moved my team to SOMAcentral for a few months. Had a great experience. Very convenient for both SF and South Bay folks as Caltrain is just a few minutes away. Lots of food options nearby - both trucks and restaurants. Affordable rent and good facilities including private offices, conference rooms, and even event space. Very responsive and accommodating management. Low key, friendly, quiet atmosphere. Not sure one can ask for more. Would definitely rejoin first chance I get!