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Cool Stuff

Ping Pong Table


Standing Desk


KitchenFree Coffee / TeaFree Drinking Water

Classic Basics

High Speed WiFiHeatingAir Conditioning

Relax Zones

Outdoor TerraceLounge / Chill-out Area


Perfect space for local startups, creators, and new satellite teams to take off in Southern California. Strategic and inspired with room to grow.


Anna H.

Excellent shared office space. Airy, bright and cool--with great design and none of that 'anonymous corporate' feel. When our clients visited, they said things like, 'Gorgeous space--wish our offices looked like this!' Plus, George is super-responsive and helpful.

Nate J.

Wow, this place is great. I needed a place to focus while working remote for a while, and it worked out very well. The vibe is not too business or too casual, but just right. The space has high ceilings and great views, with plenty of space to move around. The desks are nice and wide with power outlets right underneath (instead of on the floor or wall). The internet access was fast and reliable. And Cool Haus is right across the street. I will definitely be back next time I need space to get work done.