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Created by the Downtown Alliance in 2015, LMHQ has been steadily growing a community of downtown makers, thinkers, and doers looking to collaborate, learn, and network. We work with individuals and organization to offer new connections, flexible workspaces, and ongoing inspiration through diverse programming and a robust network of members and visitors. More than just work, meeting, or event spaces, we are a resource for professionals living and working in New York. With our flexible spaces and supportive network, LMHQ is here to help you turn your ideas into action.


Daisha N.

I signed up recently to receive emails on talks & open forum conversations, free and paid events. I love to attend something that I normally don't if it will better me as a person or perspective on life. I want to a 5 panel speaker event they had a few months ago and loved it. It was after work and they had snacks and it was really informative. I've made an effort to attend at least one event each month. That's not really that bad, but it allows me to open up my horizons a little more.They have a variety of different ones you should check it out.

Liiisa C.

Visited LMHQ for two events recently so far - Both this month. Had not heard of them previously. I was told they are not quite a co-working space, but a space that can be rented for meetings(?) It's on the 20th floor & fits about 50 comfortably in the one main area I saw, to the left of the reception area & kitchenette. Annual membership fee runs you $1,800, or $30 / day. Bright & clean space.