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Ergonomic Chairs

Classic Basics

High Speed WiFi


PrinterScanner Photocopier

Relax Zones

Lounge / Chill-out Area


Wheelchair Accessibility


Free Coffee / TeaFree Drinking Water


Professional & social events


Located at 10th and Bloomfield, Field Colony is a center for the arts that provides coworking, open studio space, artist residencies, and classes in the arts as a place for Hoboken’s creatives and entrepreneurs to work, learn, and inspire.

We recognized the need to support our arts community and local New Jersey artists. The concept of the venue was to bring together people from different fields into one space to enable new collaborations and to build a venue and destination welcome of new thoughts and ideas.



I needed somewhere quiet to work for a few hours, and found Field Colony through Sharedesk. It was wonderful. It was clean, quiet, and comfortable. The artwork is also great. I would highly recommend it. The owner was really friendly and showed me the app where you can lock/unlock the door so you can come and go throughout the day. If you need a place to work in Hoboken, this is it. I was able to get a day pass for $20, which was very convenient, since it's not something I need to do all the time.

Aaron Boucher

"Great workspace in an amazing location" I work out of this space every day and can think of no other place I would rather be. It has all the amenities and is in the area of the best restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Hoboken. The 4'x8' glass top tables are at the right height to work all day and the seating is second to none. It's like working in an art gallery surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs in a contemporary minimalist space. The middle room is a lounge and the rear room is a meeting room for up to six people. In addition, they host art and design classes and lectures in the evenings.